ITG Brands Establishes Diversity Advisory Council

ITG Brands Establishes Diversity Advisory Council


ITG Brands is in the process of establishing a Diversity Advisory Council that will support all employees. Comprised of team members from across all functions of the business, it will be led by employee volunteers with a goal of helping ITG Brands become a more diverse and inclusive organization.

“Diversity and Inclusion is an ongoing journey for ITG Brand and our colleagues. This council is being formed to help guide us on this journey,” says Talent & Capability Director Mark Strader. “Voices across the organization will be heard to inform and lead us on issues and actions that resonate with our colleagues.”

The Diversity Advisory Council will provide input to the company to jumpstart and support the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) process and initiatives. The Council will work with senior leaders to ensure tight alignment with the organization’s business strategy and to help institutionalize, support, and accelerate D&I goals. The Diversity Advisory Council will support the Company in the following ways:

  • Assist the business in creation of the D&I strategy and key milestones
  • Suggest diversity agendas and calendars
  • Embed D&I across the organization with strong connections across business functions and departments
  • Work with the Talent & Capability department to recommend specific D&I education content to be included in employee training and ongoing professional development
  • Review and recommend employee resource group structure
  • Act as change agents for the organization and champions of D&I activities


The Council is still evolving into a more formalized unit. More information and opportunities to be involved will be announced in the coming months. ITG Brands continues its commitment to seek equality for all employees which can have a profound impact on communities across the country.