Corporate Responsibility

ITG Brands is a responsible company operating in a highly regulated industry that makes, sells and distributes tobacco products for adult smokers. We include in this Corporate Responsibility section information and links you might find useful.

Corporate & Regulatory Affairs

ITG Brands is part of an industry that is heavily regulated on both the state and federal level. We are dedicated to conducting our business in a way that is both responsible, and meets or exceeds this regulatory framework. We abide by the provisions of the Master Settlement Agreement and Food & Drug Administration regulations pertaining to tobacco. We also comply with all federal and state regulations concerning the manufacturing and marketing of tobacco products.

Food & Drug Administration

With the passage of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act in 2009, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration was given the authority to regulate tobacco products. This includes the development of rules and regulations relating to the manufacturing and marketing of tobacco products. The Legal and Corporate Affairs team at ITG Brands works with scientists with the company and with other legal consultants to assure that we fully comply with the Act and all of the regulations issued by the FDA.

To link directly to the FDA website, please click here.

Master Settlement Agreement – MSA

In November 1998, various U. S. territories and 46 states settled certain litigation against the then four largest tobacco companies: Philip Morris USA Inc., Brown & Williamson, Lorillard Tobacco Group and R.J. Reynolds, and entered into a national “Master Settlement Agreement.” Under the MSA the large companies are collectively classified as the “Original Participating Manufacturers,” or the “OPMs.” Separate settlement agreements were also entered into between these same large companies and Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi and Texas.

ITG Brands and its affiliate Commonwealth Brands, Inc were never named in any lawsuit by any state. However, they voluntarily chose to join the Master Settlement Agreement as “Subsequent Participating Manufacturers” or “SPMs” even though they had not been sued. ITG Brands and Commonwealth Brands were among the first SPMs to join the Agreement. When they joined the MSA, ITG Brands and Commonwealth agreed to make certain annual payments to the MSA states based on their sales and to abide by the MSA’s advertising and marketing restrictions, which are designed to reduce youth smoking.

To date, ITG Brands and Commonwealth have paid more than $2 billion dollars to the states under the MSA, and have fully complied with all other provisions of the agreement, specifically including the restrictions on marketing and advertising. To view the complete Master Settlement Agreement, please click on

Youth Access Prevention

ITG Brands is a responsible manufacturer and marketer of quality tobacco products for adult smokers. The consumption of tobacco products is an adult activity and tobacco products should not be consumed by youth.

ITG Brands’ officers and employees are encouraged to identify methods to reduce youth access and the incidence of youth consumption of tobacco products. We manage our business affairs in accordance with the Master Settlement Agreement and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulations, and we comply fully with all applicable marketing and advertising restrictions. We are committed to comply with each and every regulatory provision and we believe that the goal of reducing youth smoking is a critical part of those agreements and regulations.

Environmental Sustainability

At ITG Brands, we are committed to introducing more environmentally sustainable ways of working. We all have a role to play in reducing the impact that our activities have on the environment.

We reduce the impact of our day-to-day activities on the environment by:

  • Favoring the use of renewable materials while continuing to meet our customer expectations and consumer preferences.
  • Modifying our own behavior to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste, cutting out unnecessary travel, saving water and energy.
  • Ensuring unavoidable waste is reused, recycled or disposed of in a responsible way.
  • Reporting all spills or unusual emissions to the air or water to our line manager or local Health, Safety and Environment advisor.

We must not ignore or accept any suspected or known violations of our Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment Policy.

ITG Brands Sustainable Tobacco Program

To ensure short- and long-term sustainability, we are engaging our leaf suppliers and growers in a program that monitors social, environmental and economic factors to achieve ongoing improvement. For more information on our Sustainable Tobacco Program, please click here.

Responsible Advertising and Marketing

Our business is subject to specific advertising and marketing requirements based on law, industry codes, voluntary agreements and our own marketing standards. Wherever we operate we apply these standards at all times.

Our marketing standards take precedence except in those rare situations where local law demands a higher standard.

We also ensure that all agencies or other parties, engaged to support our marketing or promotional activities, are contractually required to comply with the local law and our marketing standards.

All operating environments and markets have defined procedures in place to ensure compliance with our marketing standards.

As a responsible advertiser and marketer, we:

  • Always make sure our marketing efforts are directed at an adult smoker and respect our advertising policy and marketing standards.
  • Illustrate and describe our products in a fair and honest way that will not mislead consumers.
  • Ensure all claims we make are true and can be substantiated.

We do not advertise or market our products to those under 21 years of age. This includes the use of images or other content which could be perceived as being attractive to minors.

ITG Brands’ Code of Conduct

Click here to access the ITG Brands’ Code of Conduct.