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New Corporate Office

ITG Brands Moves into
New Corporate Office

It’s Official!!! The ribbon has been cut and ITG Brands has officially moved into their new Corporate office location at 628 Green Valley Road, Greensboro, NC. This move represents an important step towards building a successful future and signifies a commitment to growth and innovation.

The resounding message from President and CEO Kim Reed, lays the foundation for this monumental occasion for ITG Brands.

“While the relocation of our office is not great in distance, it is great in meaning for us at ITG Brands. The move signifies a new page in our corporate story. We are prioritizing a cultural transformation within our business rooted in five key behaviors: start with the consumer, collaborate with purpose, take accountability with confidence, be authentic and inclusive to all, and build our future.

These behaviors not only guide our corporate culture but are also directly connected to our business strategy—they are ingrained into every decision we make including our new office.

This new office design is a significant step in our cultural transformation, providing optimal spaces for the collaboration required to build a successful future. The progressive and modernized space also better reflects our commitment to our People and Planet platform. Our sustainable choices were a priority wherever possible while prioritizing ergonomics and working space options to accommodate the diverse working styles and needs of our employees. In addition, we have incorporated state-of-the-art technology to ensure seamless communication with our team members who are located throughout our global team.

This move is a huge step forward for our business. But staying connected to Greensboro was also one of our highest priorities. This community is where over 1,000 of our 4,000 employees live and work. Our strong relationship with our community partners are important to us and we want to continue to ensure this community thrives.”

The hard work, dedication and flexibility of our team to accomplish this monumental move is a testament to the challenger mindset of our employees and our commitment to excellence. We believe this move represents an exciting chapter in the growth and development of ITG Brands.