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Meet Mexeita

Mexeita Rodney
ITG Brands
Sr. People & Culture Data Analyst
Greensboro, NC

You joined us in 2014. What has been your career path at Imperial since then?
I joined ITG Brands in 2014 as a Sales Representative building relationships, collaborating with my retailers, and solidifying our presence in my territory. In 2022, I was promoted to Regional Account Manager where I was able to analyze and translate data into tools that helped uplift my accounts in a more technical and detailed fashion. We were able to ensure we fight and attain victory against our must-win battles. Finally, in December 2023 I was promoted to Senior P&C Data Analyst after finding an outlet for my interest in data manipulation and tool/model creation.

What opportunities do you have to work with others in your role?
Throughout my career, my roles have been centered around collaboration and learning. I work with several teams across ITG Brands and Imperial to provide, translate, and use clean, accurate data so that we can tell the stories that need to be heard.

What are the highlights of your role?
As someone who loves creating new ways of analyzing and using data, this role has been a great fit. Being part of conversations that are directly building our future here at ITG Brands, while taking on the challenges of a different way of thinking on the People & Culture side of the business has me excited about the future.

Putting the consumer first is something we all do. How do you do this in your role?
Coming from my sales role, I recognize that the well-being of an organization hinges on the people within it. The people are the true representation of your product and organization as a whole. Each level within the organization must be in good health for individuals to effectively fulfill their responsibilities. I contribute to this by facilitating access to, translating, and analyzing data that provides insight into our internal and external perceptions. This ensures that as our organization expands, the faces that see our consumers everyday grow along with it.

Three words to describe working at ITG Brands?
Collaborate. Adapt. Engage.