A Federal Court has ordered Lorillard (the previous maker of Maverick), Altria, Philip Morris USA, and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (the previous maker of Winston, Salem, and Kool) to make these statements.


Meet Reason

Reason Roxas
ITG Brands
Regional Account Manager
San Jose, California

Putting the consumer first is something we all do. How do you do this in your role?
Our business revolves around our customers. I let them know by my actions and communications that I put them first. I answer my phone or respond to their emails as soon as they reach out to me to show them how important they are to me. During my customer meetings, I always ask what is important to them and I make that a priority for me. I communicate to my customers that I am an advocate for them and will always do my best to present to my internal stakeholders what their most important initiatives are for their companies.

How would you describe the culture at ITG Brands?
The culture at ITG Brands is shaped by each individual who works here, and that is why I love what I do. The culture is top notch, and the people make the difference.  I feel that our executive leadership team at ITG Brands and Imperial Brands are aligned and the messages cascaded down to the field during webinars drive home the importance of collaborating, mentoring others, taking personal accountability in shaping our culture. During Black History Month, we had external speakers share their thoughts and insights and encouraged us to think about what we can do as individuals to help our teams become more inclusive and engaged. I have taken that advice seriously and strive every day to ensure everyone I connect with feels valued and important by telling them something they are good at and always communicating how much I appreciate them and the work that they do.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining ITG Brands and Imperial Brands as a Sales Representative?
If you enjoy taking personal accountability for your work and career development, love to build relationships with customers, strive to learn new things every day and stay positive when you’re faced with obstacles that you may not know how to overcome, enjoy meeting new people and networking with other departments, you will love working at Imperial.

Three words to describe working at ITG Brands?
Supportive, Inclusive, Collaborative